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To deliver quality health and improvement in life (without drugs or surgery) for a reasonable investment in time and money.

What does this mean? It depends. Do you value your health enough to do what it takes to keep it? If your car develops a squeak or a rattle or a knocking noise, don't you have it checked out knowing that is could easily develop into a much more expensive problem? Why don't we do the same with our one and only body that we'll have our entire life? If we see a little wear on the front tires we'll get the front wheels realigned. If we notice a little soreness in a joint, we'll take a pill to cover up the pain and forget about what may be causing the soreness in the first place. Does this make sense? How would you take care of a $10 cat or dog? How about a $1500 bull? How about an $18,000 car? How about a $750,000 racing horse? How about yourself? What price tag would you put on yourself? $10? $1500? $18,000? $750,000? More? I hope you answered "more".

THERE'S A DIFFERENCE IN "LIVING" AND "LIVING WELL". Consider the cost of health problems to yourself in the form of work lost, sleep lost, further health problems from the stress, the stress it puts on your family, medical costs, etc. Countless research studies have shown that chiropractic is twice as effective as drugs or surgery and at half the cost! To me, quality health means relief of whatever bothers you without the use of a drug. Don't wait any longer to feel better. Use an "ounce of prevention" to prevent paying for a "pound of cure". Decide to visit your Chiropractor instead of deciding that your pain is "just arthritis" or "just a pulled muscle" or "just old age" or whatever. Stop popping those pills that don't cure, but just "cover up" a problem. Dr. Hurst will be happy to discuss any problem you may have and it's possible causes. Isn't it about time that YOU or one of your loved ones felt better?Schedule a FREE consultation to see if Dr. Hurst and chiropractic is the answer to your problems.

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