Holistic Chiropractic

Dr. Rickey Hurst at Hurst Chiropractic Center in McMinnville, TN, is the holistic chiropractor to have by your side for pain relief or general health and wellness.

Working With a Holistic Chiropractor

Anyone who has tried to get healthy has likely come across the term “holistic” – as have many others. Some are intrigued by it while others are confused. In this guide, Dr. Hurst and the team at Hurst Chiropractic Center in McMinnville, TN, explain holistic medicine and what it means to visit a holistic chiropractor.

Basics of Holistic Care

What does holistic actually mean? To keep it simple, holistic means the whole of something – in this case, a person. Holistic chiropractors work with the understanding that the various systems of a person – including the mind and body – directly impact the other systems. One cannot be completely well if the others are not.

One example of this is mental stress. It might seem like it only causes mental anguish, but it can also cause your blood pressure to rise, muscles to tighten, breathing to speed up, and more. Stress has been linked to:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tension, which strains the skeletal system
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • Digestive issues and much more

You can receive treatment for headaches and the various other issues mentioned here. However, if you don’t address the stress, you’re unlikely to achieve comprehensive or lasting relief.

How Does a Holistic Chiropractor Help?

A holistic chiropractor works to uncover the root cause of your symptoms. Then, a treatment plan is developed that addresses the root cause, all the contributing factors, and anything that might have been impacted by the root cause.

Though the stress example is just one of many, it does provide a good opportunity to explain a holistic care plan. In such a case, a chiropractor would provide adjustments and soft tissue therapies to relieve muscle tension and the strain put on the skeletal system. These would also help improve nervous system function and blood flow, which can reduce stress.

Holistic chiropractors also work with you to develop a healthy plan to carry out in daily life. Nutrition is important to your overall health and can reduce the effects that stress has on your body. Exercise and stress management techniques can also play an invaluable role. Therefore, your chiropractor will likely include all three in your treatment plan, as well as any other resources that might prove beneficial.

Learn more about the benefits that working with a holistic chiropractor can provide you by visiting Dr. Hurst at Hurst Chiropractic Center in McMinnville, TN. Call (931) 473-7805 to schedule your appointment.

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